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We are over 20 years of experience

Application Development

In today’s 24-7 business environment, application failure or downtime can not only frustrate end users, it can devastate your business. As budgets shrink and applications grow complex, you need an experienced IT partner to bolster your application development and support. At NewṚTA, we work with you to understand your business and develop customized solutions to maximize application availability, agility and predictability. Our goal is to help your organization lower costs, reduce risk and improve ROI.We follow Delivery Excellence model based on software engineering quality framework like CMMi and ISO .

IT Management Consultancy

Enterprises need a futuristic strategy and a holistic approach towards IT systems deployment today. Companies should look at optimized performance, better user experience, faster adoption and lower spend on maintenance rather than just 'automate' the current business processes with the available technology.

We help Businesses to:
* Analyze and suggest business transformation and IT strategies
* Design and monitor Technology enablement programs
* Optimize the IT infrastructure and architecture
* Review Technology transformation projects undertaken and risk assessment
* Design and execute the risk mitigation strategies

Offshore Development

Offshore development center (ODC) is your dedicated remote team of engineers that works as an extended team for you, located outside your country.NEWRTA helps our partners to establish, manage their ODC in India, the global IT HUB, the world’s favorite offshore development location where thousands of companies worldwide already running their development centers.We can setup the right team for you that satisfies your specific project needs, manage the team as per your preferred engagement model and ensure the deliverables based on your schedule on time.

ODC model offers the following advantages:
Get easy access to skilled resources : You really don’t have to invest heavily in recruiting and training expensive resources to execute your projects. We’ll take care of all your resourcing needs, technology upgrades and resource intensive backend business processing with our pool of versatile, highly skilled and experienced resources. We open up your access to the world of expertise and technology capabilities comfortably whether it is to fill in specific skill gaps, augment the current project team or resourcing for the new project just kicked off!

Cut direct costs to improve bottom line : You can get your job done at a rock-bottom cost without compromising on the quality, taking advantage of the lower costs in terms of resources and infrastructure in Asia. You can save up to 60% direct costs upfront. We provide you quality resources and services at just a fraction of your original cost!

Convert fixed costs to variable costs : You can ramp up or ramp down your team based on business needs and market without much ado giving required agility to the demanding needs of the disruptive business world today. We help you with staffing flexibility by supplying just-in-time resources whenever you require!

Increase in-house efficiency by focusing on core business : You can increase your efficiencies and stay focused on your core business and primary domain, invest in providing value added services to your customers instead of burning your energies and money on non-core functions.We share your workload by undertaking your resource intensive non-core functions like backend processing, software development and application maintenance that we are extremely good at.

Digital Transformation

Organizations have to constantly rediscover and transform themselves to stay ahead of the curve. With the playing field changing rapidly, status-quo is no longer an option. Digital transformation is no longer a high-sounding idea but a necessity.

However, Digital Transformation is neither a magic button nor a finite destination. It is a journey of several milestones and continuous improvement. A journey that requires an experienced hand to hold on to, to guide you through the pitfalls, to get you past the milestones swiftly and efficiently. A trusted partner who not only gives you clarity of direction but also supports you all the way through this exciting journey.
Over the past two decades, we have been helping clients with domain-specific technology solutions and solution accelerators. Our expertise ranging from Consulting to Support, have made us a preferred Digital Transformation Partner across the globe.
Our Digital Transformation solutions help Automate, Modernize, and Manage your IT Systems to Change-the-business and also efficiently Run-the-business, while you focus on your core business. Because we are,
Your digital transformation partner